The BOOK Sharon wrote for AMERICA...!

Marilyn Nelson said: "The Book is Good!

It is raw and personal. You've had quite a life! Finding God in this world is our Rock."

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AnsweredByFIRE-Corrie ten Boom Prepared Me For Now is available at $14.95+ s/h  Kindle book are now just $3.49 at Amazon.          (You need a Free Kindle to read it properly...) Its the best $15 you've ever spent! Its a memoir that starts in a dark place, and leads the writer to a winning life - God can do that for YOU, too!!      

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Sharon will be in Who's Who In America 2022 Book. They are all purchased by colleges, universities, libraries and professionals. She is humbled, grateful and honored as well.  

Sharon is very persuasive...


I've been personally acquainted with Sharon Jackson since the 70's, and can unequivocally attest to her many skills. While she lacks an undergraduate degree, her ability, overall general knowledge, critical thinking and deductive reasoning skills surpass most graduates especially in non-technical areas. She possesses the unique ability to organize and assimilate facts and present them in a logical and interesting manner.  She excells in designing promotions for various groups and organizations. She is persistant in her endeavors, is comfortable in front of groups regardless of the size, and is very persuasive when the need arises.   Ted H., Retired Senior Executive, Ford Motor Company

Sharon is dearly loved -


Sharon and I have known each other for 12 years. Though we don't often see each other, we communicate often and I count Sharon as a true friend and prayer warrior.  She is a delight and constant source of encouragement and wisdom to me.  She is a great blessing and is dearly loved and appreciated by me...and I KNOW, by God.   Sheila W., RN., Tennessee

She uplifted me...

Sharon was a blessing to me when my faith was weak because of my daughter's alcohol problem. I was low and depressed about it.  She reminded me of who is in control (when we pray).  She uplifted me with God's truth and love.  What would I do without the people that know him, and how?  She covered me in prayer and love and concern. Thank You, Sharon. (It's easy to say, because it's just the truth.)  Beverly P., Tampa Bay, Florida


I can recommend her...


I have had the privilege of associating with Sharon Jackson for many years.  During this time Sharon has exemplified outstanding leadership ability in community and Christian activities. Her services have been at the local, state and national levels. Her role involved planning women's retreats, programming and leading monthly chapter meetings on a local level, developing themes for promotions of charitable causes, and public speaking. In these endeavors, she has traveled and at all times presented herself in a professional and astute manner.  Without reservation, I highly recommend Sharon... I am confident she will merit the confidence invested in her. Dr. Mamie W., Ph. D.

Do Be Careful...

Greetings Sharon, from England. I sent you a card addressed to you 'Shimmering, Shining, Shocking Sharon'... this is true of you!  Thank you for sending me your book along with a happy birthday greeting. I waited to write you until I had read your book.  The story of you and your family's lives would make a winning long-running television series!  Consider yourselves protected by God from something worse happening, Friend.     
I pray for God's protection over you as you speak out on talk radio. Do be careful not to add to what God wants you to say.  Hopefully your book will make a continuing impact on Americans to wake up and protect our country and the freedom we have cherished –  as we hate and fight the evil (Ps. 97:10) that's trying to destroy our country, our culture, and most importantly our belief in Elohim - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.   Don't get discouraged with the apathy you see.  God knows how he wants to use you, and his word going out to others through you will not return void no matter how it looks now.

Much love,   Jo FJDH  - (BF-Forever, over four decades) Letter After 1st Release of Book

First I want to thank you...


First I want to thank you for calling me almost 15 years ago.  I was so depressed that day that I had decided to kill myself because I thought no one cared. Your call saved my life and the Lord has given me so many blessings since then, I cannot even count them. 

Presently I am a licensed minister with the church. And I am a Chaplain at a large local Retirement Home. I met my husband four years ago and we have been married three years. We do everything together.  When I first heard from you I was in Canada working on licensing requirements.  My husband and I just returned from a month's vacation in Canada.  Judy C. Indiana

 (Judy and I were friends and neighbors in 70's when our sons played on the same football team. Since that time her husband died and I moved away. Until recently, we have not talked in 30 years, except for that once...  God is good ... He really loves her!)



First review of the website -


OH, I just did look at it!  Love it!  Most especially? I love Rain Dancing & Ludwig! Sharon, this is visually exciting & beautiful. How clever of you to choose such a name for the thoughts and the site. Love it!  Sandy W., Charlotte, N.C.


Thoughts on new site   -


This is so great.  Am so impressed.  Feel sure you will touch many lives with your new endeavor. I know you have touched lives, here. I 'm really happy for you, that you have started your website and your happiness comes through on your face. Thank you for sharing!  Gwen L.,  Florida


Thanks for the inquiry -


Thanks for the inquiry dear friend...I have been extremely busy. I love your new website and RAINDANCE... but you know I love most everything you write. Blessings with Love,  Dr. Iverna T.,  Author, Int'l Speaker.  Phoenix, Az.