The BOOK Sharon wrote for AMERICA...!

Marilyn Nelson said: "The Book is Good!

It is raw and personal. You've had quite a life! Finding God in this world is our Rock."

Find Sharon at the following address: 

AnsweredByFIRE-Corrie ten Boom Prepared Me For Now is available at $14.95+ s/h  Kindle book are now just $3.49 at Amazon.          (You need a Free Kindle to read it properly...) Its the best $15 you've ever spent! Its a memoir that starts in a dark place, and leads the writer to a winning life - God can do that for YOU, too!!      

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Sharon will be in the Who's Who In America Book in 2022. 

                                          THE Rx FOR AMERICA! 

Jacket Reads:

     Do you love God but can't stand a lot of Christians? This book is for you!

Are you lonely, confused or sexually abused? A MUST read!

Do you feel abandones by God's goodness and others...? Sharon did too.

You sould like a fresh start, or a new beginning? Sharon received several!


    From livng on city streets as a 12 year old, carrying a gun, getting arrested

to meeting Queen Elizabeth, she & her family spending a three-week with and

personally working with Corrie ten Boom, you can now read Sharon's amazing

journey. But after these, she fell even deeper into bitterness and self-absorption

...sin. Always expecting the worst pushed her into this depression....

     What drew her out?

     Sharon received a shocking dream that became a wake-up call to the truth she

already knew. When she did obey that dream, it was God Who answered -before

her very eyes - in an unbelievable miracle in today's world! A later dream saved

her own daughter's life, via her midnight intervention and her prayers...!

     Discover fascinating people, professors and powerful leaders, chronicled inside

each chapter, including a Muslim she lived with in her true story.

     Get prepared for a future that is sometimes foreboding, through Corrie's counsel 

to Sharon...and now for YOU inside this book!

If you have any problems, questions or prayer requests - Please contact Sharon Jackson @ 727-824-7740. Please leave brief message and best time to reach you.      Or you can email her at   Thank you!

Feedback on Sharon's Book -

Minnie H.  spoke before a gathering and said,  "No matter where people are in life, they will find themselves on the pages of Sharon's book. It's message is universal and touches the heartstrings..."

 Sharon - Your book is very interesting, and I'm enjoying it. Well  written book. Congratulations.  Gail T.

 Dina L., Barbara O., and Bud S., all said they couldn't put Sharon's  book down!

Hello Ms. Jackson.  I am Debra J. and I had the pleasure of meeting you at the truck stop in West Memphis, Arkansas last month.  You were such a blessing to me.  You told me about your upcoming book that was soon to be released and I am checking on the release status because I certainly want to read it.  Again thank you for the encouragement,  

God knew that I needed it.


Sharon I just finished "Answered By Fire" and am awed by the similarities of our lives.  I asked God can this be real. From living in Tennessee to my christian journey which began in 1983 as a born again Christian though raised in the church. To questioning God because life seemed so cruel.  Even to your ending with my most favorite story -- Elijah.  "Send the Fire" is something I have said since college.  


Sharon I just got back in town today and had managed to get to page 209 before I left

on Friday.  I could not wait to get back and finish reading it.  Thank you so much again.


Update:  Debra wrote to say: Oh Sharon I am so happy for you!!! Praying for the successful launch and sales. God is so awesome and to Him be the Glory!!!    Answered By FIRE is a

living testimony...

Sharon: I simply could not put your book down! It soo encouraged me with the things you have been through - and come out on the other side!  Thank You for your Newsletters you

place under my door in our building!  You are a great writer indeed who doesn't hesitate to

write the truth. Your neighbor and friend.  Love, Evelyn.

Sharon has food - and people are starving!

If you feel you would like to aid her in that task and - you may do so here.

Thank YOU in advance for joining her in her mission... God bless you!

Just leave a message at her email address:

            Plz put into the subject line - BOOK.

She will get back to you as soon as she can.