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AnsweredByFIRE-Corrie ten Boom Prepared Me For Now is available at $14.95+ s/h  Kindle book are now just $3.49 at Amazon.          (You need a Free Kindle to read it properly...) Its the best $15 you've ever spent! Its a memoir that starts in a dark place, and leads the writer to a winning life - God can do that for YOU, too!!      

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This is a 'non-blog' of interesting but brief articles, that are written to make you think!  Or, change the way you think. It is updated regularly with new topics.  These are several of Sharon's best articles -also future guest writers - for your perusal at your convenience.  A brief description will help you determine if the topic interests you. 

A New Look at ShackingUp...
Considered marriage lately? If so, probably not from this angle - Gays are racing to the altar in search of. Straights are fleeing the commitment tied to it! Take a fresh look here!
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Will Good People Be In Hell...?
How do YOU define 'hell'? A place we create for ourselves on earth? A place that fits into Old Testament theology but not the New? That Hell is 'nothingness'...? Consider this perspective.
Will Good People Be In Hell.pdf
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Shocked Into Rhythm
How to enjoy the outrageous and never be predictable again...lifting people from the mundane to the extraordinary. Be spontaneous!
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Real Heroes Wear Tennis Shoes
What makes people special? Is the fate of America sealed? Are people stuck in their own 'personal peace and affluence' comfort zone? Are you...? You decide.
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The Signature is Valid
Ever wonder what holds your insides 'in'? Have you seen the laminin protein molecule? What it is and how it pertains to your individual DNA in this article. Can you see it's not-so-hidden message?
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Where Is Your Hope?
Do you trust in doctors? Politics? Science? Family? ...What IS hope? Where does it come from? Critical thinking and deductive reasoning skills needed here.
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Brainwashed and Narrow
Here Sharon shares some of her personal story as an abused youth and young adult. Here's compelling evidence to find her story believable - in one word, 'change'. It's real and bowls some folks over!
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Call Me A Slow Learner - Guest Writer Nancy Labencki
Nancy points out here she didn't fully understand for a long sin affects our lives. Now that she does, she cares deeply for family and friends who still don't understand either! Read on.
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"Sometimes the kindest thing we can do for another is to tell them the truth". Elizabeth Eliot
What's YOURS...? Future Plans? Kids? More 'Stuff'? It's ALL temporary. Our only hope is in God! Trust Him now!