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Will Good People Be In Hell?


    Last week, I drove by a business near Lakeland,Fl. with a fascinating name: Sweet Dreams Monuments. Near Clearwater, there’s an Eternal Rest Cemetery.  In the business world, those could be said to be promises made well above ‘their pay grade.’ But wouldn’t it be nice if they could supply these? That this life is all there is, and only sleep follows?  Or that, as in reincarnation, we could come back and do a ‘do-over’ ….until we get it right? That the worst we could suffer would be consequences of bad decisions we make in this life?

     Many well-meaning people buy into one or more of these theories.  But the most egregious of all is the belief that we will all somehow end up in the same place.  That ‘God is Love’ and would never send anyone to hell – if it even exists!

     Problem.  Folks who believe this are worshipping a god made in their own image.

    Yes. God is indeed Love. But the same Bible that says that also says He is ‘a consuming fire.’1 That ‘it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.‘2 That we are to ‘consider both the kindness & the severity of God.’3   He is holy – and He is not mocked! 4

     Hell wasnt even made for man. It was made for the devil and his rebellious angels. But if we side with the devil’s lies - we may end up where he’s going!

    That’s how the devil operates:  Lies. And his most effective tool is deception, i.e. half-truths. He twists and perverts truth and relationships, etc. to achieve his agenda. Souls.

Man is made in the image of the One he hates: God. So he attacks God by winning the souls He loves!

    Yet, provison is made that we can be ‘safe’ from the devil’s lies…if we will just do it.  Jesus said, If…In Greek, it is subjunctive mode and literally means it’s available if we will use it… “If you continue in my word (You’ll know something!), you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.”5 

   Truth liberates! From lies & deception; from bondage to sin and addiction; from false religion that requires performance – not grace! 

     The answer to the question, will good people be in hell? Not just good people, but beautiful ones too…except they won’t be beautiful there!  There is a one word answer to WHY: Pride.  Pride that asserts itself as knowing better than God, who says ‘all have sinned.’6 That Jesus came for sinners.7  If we deny that, then…maybe Jesus didn’t come for you.8

But  His desire is for you as

the Hound of Heaven He is!      

    People won’t go to hell for what they do. No. There is only one reason people will be there.  Unbelief.

    In the final chapters of Revelation, it details those thrown into the lake of fire (the really bad news).

     Murderers, immoral, and ALL liars are named. BUT amazingly, the first are the ‘fearful and unbelieving !

Those who don’t think they need God, or His FREE gift of eternal life! Pride…

     Friends, I didn’t say this!

I am just the messenger & I am not authorized to change the message! I ask you to consider it anew…

     For my part, I don’t want Hitler to be in the same place I am in the great beyond!  Or Idi Imin next to Mother Teresa!  No. It wouldn’t be fair. God is just.

    The damning aspect of this heresy is that it creates a vacuum of prayer for our loved ones! Why bother praying if we all end up in the same place? No warning them that there’s a heaven to be gained or a hell to shun!  This is sin…

        What to do? Repent. It means, "Change your mind."  Surrender all to God.

Jesus said "If you love me, you will keep my commandments. You only need to obey the "Royal Law" which is to Love God and Love Your Neighbor.  Read the gospel of Mark. It’s short & filled with action! Read Psalms & Proverbs. Pray scripture over loved ones. Then Live for Him!

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    President Obama signed Executive Order 12472 in private that authorizes the gov't to shut down all U.S. Communications for assignment of national and emergency preparedness. That includes the internet, cell communications, landlines and no doubt even telegraph. Nothing like this has ever occurred before that has enabled any previous president to do anything even similar. Dr. Francis Schaeffer, Author, Lecturer said in the 1980's, that "as violence grew worse in society, Americans would forfeit their personal privacy and rights more and more - it appears now they've forfeited them all in the name of 'safety'!"


      No one in Congress seems very disturbed by any of this however, as though a stupor of some kind has settled over everyone who could do anything about it. They're 'busy' majoring in the minors up on the hill.  They might as well go home  - they can't get anything done, and the Prez writes all the laws lately, anyway! 

      It seems this scenario is almost like.......Could it be?  Judgment on a nation that's flat out rejected God from the public square? Has His hedge of protection over our nation fallen?  Some say yes. Whether that's true or not, total license has been taken in these Executive Orders under the Patriot Act's broad authority 'in event of an emergency.'     

      Previous orders authorize government officials to take charge of energy, food and transportation, send in the National Guard and countless other things. One of those orders authorizes 36 Cabinet members, and others, to head up each area concerning these when deemed necessary. That translates any given crisis that requires martial law! More, we know from the early days of this administration, their philosphy is... 'never waste a good crisis.'   But Americans who feel it seems like citizens are being set up for a coup are just plain wrong.  The coup has already occurred. It just hasn't been announced yet.  And it is all very 'legal'.  Leaders have no doubt taken their cues from another famous leader, Adoph Hitler.

       Do not despair! There's much room for inspiration here because of another constraining hand in this mix...but our leaders don't realize it.  Yes, our God reigns!  This is His story, has hiStory has shown.  He promises to always take care of His own, and 66 chapters of Isaiah shows He did so in both Israel and Judah when leaders went awry and both nations fell. 

      As the world heats up for the end of all conflicts, He will doubtless do the same for those that believe.  He calls them 'the remnant' ...make sure you're one of them! Julie Ackerman, a cancer sufferer, said in my devotion today "When we experience the fiery furnance of suffering - God's loving purpose is to make us pure and strong (in Him.)  Simultaneous with coming disasters, He is bringing the Latter Rain, washing souls for a bright new beginning.             Watch for it - Look for His gentle Rain! This is 'why' we dance...

       At the end of the The Witch and the Wardrobe, by C. S. Lewis, Susan asks the Beavers about Aslan the lion, King of the Wood. She asks, "Is he safe?" And Mr. Beaver says this famous line about Aslan: "'Course he isn't safe. But he's good. He's the King, I tell you."              Amen. Look to the King of the World for your hope! There is no King but Jesus.

             Sharon Jackson (@Iam_4ewe) and

     “You love God, we love God and he is the same God.”  These words were spoken by a very visible and leading man in America, a Cardinal of New York.    He spoke these words

to Muslim groups.  This and the rise of Chrislam where 1500 nationwide American Protestant churches in June 2011 welcomed Muslims to share from their pulpits while members read along from copies of the Quran in pews.

      This means syncretism is on the rise, defined as 'the fusion of diverse religious beliefs and practices.'  More than that, it means the theOne World Global Church rises before our eyes! You can read about her in the book of Revelation. It isn't THE church. No. It's another gospel, another Jesus, and a different spirit as Paul warned the intellectuals of his day in Corinth might happen. Confer II Cor. 11:1-16.  It's 'another' church, the counterfeit we are warned would rise in endtimes.  Note: The Romans didn't throw Christians to the lions in the coliseum because they worshipped God.  No, there were many gods and everyone worshipped a god or two.  Christians only worshipped ONE God.

      Two points come to mind.  The first is that the night before He died, Jesus pleaded with His father that if there was 'another way', that God would take this terrible punishment from Him. He didn't. Doesn't that make God a cruel fool, to permit His only begotten son to die in such a way, for 'nothing'...? It would seem  so!  THIS is the problem with religious folk who ignore scripture to further their objectives on earth.  

      Peter warns the church that false teachers would be 'among you'...what better way to lead truthseekers astray?  2 Peter 2:1  The apostle Paul tells us to 'expose the works of darkness' Ephes. 5:11....and THIS is the work of darkness of endtimes...leading to the global one world religion that persecutes true believers...using well known personalities like the highly regarded Cardinal Timothy Dolan and TBN Network to immunize people to believe Muslims are brothers in Christ. (I have lived with a Muslim! I have read their Quran.  I have studied their leader Mohammad. 70% of the world's Muslims cannot even read!)

      Dear Brethren, the end is near!  Very soon counterfeit believers may be killing Christians, thinking they're doing God a favor...because the counterfeit church of Revelation has a name - the Great Harlot - and she is drunk on the blood of the saints who are 'holy ones' 'set apart' for the Lord God.  Chase and embrace truth now, for if we don't, we will be 'given over' to believe the lie of endtimes (because that's all that's LEFT!) ....That lie? That all is well with our souls!  Trust Christ only. Repent of going your own way, and live to go His way by using Holy scripture as your only criteria to discern true 'truth'.  "Be careful with half truths! You never know when you might get hold of the wrong end." Unknown

      The silver lining here is that, the true and living church will rise simultaneous with these endtime events and shine like stars, bringing great glory to the Father!  Because the latter rain is coming and hungry souls will not be deprived of the help from a faithful God that they seek!  No, God is faithful, and is raising up liberated sons and daughters of God! Romans 8 says the whole earth is groaing to see this new breed of believers, led by the Spirit of God! Look for them.

      Jesus said in John 14:6  "No man comes unto the Father except through me." Is He a liar?  You must decide.  Must. Today is the day of salvation!  Sharon Jackson (@Iam_4ewe) and

     The results of political correctness are upon us - no one gets blamed for anything.  Or even identified for that matter, because you can't call a jihadist a terrorist anymore. And in some cities, the race of the shooter can't be revealed even after a vicious crime. But these aren't the REAL results... No.  Now 'everyone' is guilty because no one specifically can be identified elsewhere!  A prime example is where NSA records ALL communications now, every tap of a key and every click of a mouse, every phone call ... yours and mine...just in case. 

     Yet with all that, they couldn't head off the two terroists who bombed the Boston Marathon - even though Russia had contacted officials and told them that these guys were bad and to watch them. And though the 'boxer bomber' captured on a jet to Detroit ready to explode the plane was identified by his father as radical and he had notified authorities about him, no one paid attention until it was almost too late and the bomb malfunctioned. The worst case is no doubt the shooting that occurred at Fort Hood by a self-proclaimed jihadist - whose own business card identified him as such.  Thirteen people died when this man began firing, just after uttering "Alla Akbar" several times which was uttered by other terrorist before dying.  However, this man was never labeled a terrorist, nor was the shooting named as terrorism, causing victims and survivors to never receive proper survival benefits as such.  But, such are the days we live in, and such are some of the results of political correctness.

       Sharon Jackson (@Iam_4ewe) and