The BOOK Sharon wrote for AMERICA...!

Marilyn Nelson said: "The Book is Good!

It is raw and personal. You've had quite a life! Finding God in this world is our Rock."

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AnsweredByFIRE-Corrie ten Boom Prepared Me For Now is available at $14.95+ s/h  Kindle book are now just $3.49 at Amazon.          (You need a Free Kindle to read it properly...) Its the best $15 you've ever spent! Its a memoir that starts in a dark place, and leads the writer to a winning life - God can do that for YOU, too!!      

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Sharon Jackson will be in Marquis 2022 book Who's Who in America - going to Colleges, Libraries and Professionals over the world.

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Purpose: How Americans can live a meaningful life in this era -Embracing traditional values of

God and Country...and Miracles!   There is unrest in every facet of society today. People are  thinking they need security, lost jobs, homes and businesses, a future for their children and to escape all this unrest!   How do we cope with this Pain...?  Sharon is a 'walking' miracle!   

             This is an Ordinary woman, but her life experiences make her Extraordinary!

                   That is why she wrote a book for America - It is the Rx for America...


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 "Don't Fear the future. 'Live' in the Moment...Don't MISS this Moment!"  Bill Gaither 1/22/22



Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever           achieve greatly.   Robert F. Kennedy