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Marilyn Nelson said: "The Book is Good!

It is raw and personal. You've had quite a life! Finding God in this world is our Rock."

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AnsweredByFIRE-Corrie ten Boom Prepared Me For Now is available at $14.95+ s/h  Kindle book are now just $3.49 at Amazon.          (You need a Free Kindle to read it properly...) Its the best $15 you've ever spent! Its a memoir that starts in a dark place, and leads the writer to a winning life - God can do that for YOU, too!!      

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No matter where you are in life, you can benefit from the hope and guidance found on this site, and inside her book.  Sharon says what you may have only wished someone else would say! Sharon lived life her way the first 25 years, then she began living it the right way the next 25. Comparing the two...she found the latter brought far less heartache and fewer battlefields of her own making...due to better choices and the Life Skills she'd used!  Lasting happiness was there! Sharon is an Ordinary Woman, but her life experiences gives her an Extraordinary Story. Some will make you laugh; others

may bring you to tears. Either way, they will make you CARE....

Are you prepared for the future?                                                                            Don't get caught in the storm!

What exactly Motivates Sharon to Build This Site, and to Write 'Answered By Fire...?' Or start a business after years of retirement?  She feels the pain & angst of society today!  

Sharon has a broken heart...for the broken-hearted. She is a friend of the outcast and those who feel disenfranchised from today's church. Much of her brokenness was healed in

a loving church family.  But today's church is largely impotent, having strayed from the real Truth  - in order to become 'seeker friendly' "working to fill churches with people, rather than filling people with God." C.S. Lewis.  Many sincere worshippers who love God don't have a church home where they feel comfortable. Trends inside the 'purpose-driven' church world cause them to no longer be valued by leadership, no matter how long they've worked in it, or given to the church! They have no voice. Here, Sharon challenges the status quo, questioning 'why' church services are often so predictable, and some are about as exciting as a leg cramp!  On the other hand, some are so into "experiences" and emotion, they totally forget to adhere to the Owner's Manual - scripture!  But how IS it that The Greatest Story Ever Told ...has become so predictable and anemic to a hurting world... 


Sharon points to this disparity as indicative of the contemporary "American church" compared to the "True Church" of believers that became the loving family who reached

down and picked her up when she needed it. In fact, she dedicated her book to those who

did so! Because the family has so disentegrated today, OTHER needy folks still seek the

same love and caring she found there...  Jesus came for the broken-hearted!


My people have been lost sheep. Their shepherds have led them astray, turning them

away... Jer. 50:12    They (leaders) have healed the wound of my people lightly saying, 'Peace, peace' when there is no peace.    Jer. 6:14,15


If then the light in you be darkness, how great is that darkness. Matt. 6:23  

Six Flags Over Jesus...?

I visited a church a while back where I parked so deep in the lot, I needed a shuttle to reach the main entrance. The lobby opened to two story ceilings while people streamed through a narrow entrance into a huge carpeted auditorium that had black ceilings and walls with stars beaming from both. A stage at the front was lined with massive speakers and the 3 giant TV screens that had bubbles floating aimlessly behind the words to a popular fast song heard on radio, led by the worship leader. I looked for people who sang with him and found few. My senses were dazzled.  I felt distracted from why I was there. Worship. The congregation seemed to average 25-40 years old.  Couples everywhere seemed to say it was an effective outreach to them and their children. Or maybe just hip marketing. The sermon was interesting.  I liked it. On leaving, one nicely dressed couple on their way out spoke to me. The cafe in the lobby sold Cuban sandwiches at the going rate of the nearest fine dining. In spite of all the bells and whistles, my experience that day seemed 'empty'...  I'd looked for the 'freshness' of the Holy Spirit that touches hearts, changing lives... Perhaps they felt okay.  Yes.  Mark 2:17.  "I came not to call the righteous, but sinners."  You may think you can live fine without Jesus. But you can't afford to die without Him." C. H. Spurgeon

Jesus 'commissioned' the church age with the Holy Spirit's power and  guidance. Yet Paul warned the LAST DAYS would be plagued with worldly people who do attend church... but "deny the power of God." II Tim.3:5 He said, "avoid such people..."

This leaves too many churches anemic, and impotent in society...and many who are just plain CULTS, pushing mere religion   - man's rules and traditions - ALL of them Boring as a leg cramp!  "Putting burdens on men's back too hard to bear," Jesus said.  How DARE WE BORE PEOPLE WITH THE GOSPEL? It's still the GOOD News!  Hungry & broken lives - seek real answers! 

This is WHY churches err today! Jesus said "You do err because you KNOW NOT the scripture nor the power of God." Mt.22:29    Ignorance=Error. God is glorified when  SCRIPTURE is taught & His POWER that changes lives is displayed.  Amen! The video below demonstrates the 'power of the holy.' It's the Holy Spirit who will poured out in Acts 2:17 "in the Last Days... Welcome Him!

Taking It To The Neighborhood...!

Why don't the real church TAKE "Church" to the people? In authentic praise and worship that draws them - We can do just Hezekiah Walker did so in Birmingham, Alabama.



The word enthusiam comes from the Greek 'en theos' meaning "God within". Short of another 9/11, today's folks just aren't headed to church - mainly because they find too many of them are tired and otherwise, too far out in doctrine - except for those who have itching ears and  must WANT to be deceived!  The greatest move in non-denominational churches (their leaders call it worldwide revival but I call it WILDfire...) embraces "grave-soaking" - lying on graves of great believers to soak up their annointing!.... The great falling away IS HERE!